PIM from A-Z

If you are considering implementing a Product Information Management (PIM) system, this webinar brings you key know-how to give you a head start on your PIM project.

When do I need a PIM system, what does it cost and how do I implement it without complexity? Watch this webinar, if the following situations ring a bell:

You're wasting valuable time on manual data maintenance
You spend oceans of time manually handling product data in various systems - e.g. many Excel sheets and ERP system. 

Incorrect product information equals bad customer experiences
You're lacking the overview of which products are enriched with which information. This means that you publish products with missing or incorrect information on your webshop, which gives your customers a bad experience.

Product catalogs are turning into month-long projects
When you're creating product catalogs it takes several weeks to set them up, because data must be retrieved in different Excel sheets and copied into your worksheets for catalogs, e.g. InDesign. This means that you have many repetitive workflows with no overview, which most often results in incorrect information in the catalog.

If you see yourself reflected in some of the above scenarios, then we can guarantee that you will benefit from a PIM system - and you do not want to miss this PIM webinar! 

Key learnings from the webinar

  • Why do you need a PIM and what are the benefits?
  • Which key PIM functionalities you must have
  • How to build your PIM business case
  • How to implement a PIM system
  • Case examples from DynamicWeb's PIM customers

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