eCommerce with Dynamics AX and F&O

An integrated eCommerce setup with Dynamics AX and F&O has clear benefits.

You’ll cut out manual, duplicate processes and thereby save time, save money and reduce errors, meaning lower costs, freed-up resources and ultimately happier customers, which is great for your bottom line.

DynamicWeb makes it easy for you to succeed with eCommerce in record time and with less risk because we’ve already solved the hidden complexities of integrated eCommerce.

Download this webinar and learn more about the eCommerce flow between Dynamics AX and F&O and DynamicWeb.

We’ll cover the following topics:

  • What does standard integration actually mean?
  • Why is a standard integration good, and is it applicable for your situation?
  • How does ecommerce flow between Dynamics AX and F&O and DynamicWeb?
  •  What can you expect in terms of project scope, cost and maintenance?

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