DynamicWeb Swift Release 1.19.0

Download this Swift webinar, and get the full presentation and technical introduction to the latest functionalities and improvements in DynamicWeb Swift.

DynamicWeb Swift is our ready-to-launch eCommerce storefront that is built on top of the DynamicWeb Composable Commerce Suite using best practices in web content management and eCommerce strategies.

Swift Product Manager, Jennifer Johansen, invites you for a walkthrough of new functionalities and improvements in the coming Swift v1.19.0. This webinar is a hands-on, technical partner & developer webinar, where you will be introduced to everything you need to know to setup, configure and work with a Swift solution. 

Download this webinar and get a presentation and demo of:

  • Use tags and filters on Articles. 
  • Decrease implementation time with Product component.
  • Use Parcelshop in checkout (Shipmondo provider)
  • DW10 template conversion, Run Swift on a DW10 solution. 
  • Design your System e-mails.


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