What's new in B2B eCommerce in 2023

Get the latest news and trends in B2B eCommerce! Our recently conducted survey, in partnership with Sapio Research, has gathered insights from over 400 business leaders. Download this webinar to learn more about the results of our B2B eCommerce report for 2023.

The results are in from our B2B eCommerce report for 2023! Download this webinar summarizing the latest news and trends in B2B eCommerce from our recent survey to more than 400 business leaders, conducted in partnership with Sapio Research.

As eCommerce continues to evolve and expand across industries, it's important to keep up with the changing landscape and stay ahead of your competition. The latest data shows that eCommerce has continued to grow rapidly in B2B verticals, with 78% of respondents providing customers with an eCommerce storefront or portal today, compared to 62% in 2022.

Key webinar takeaways:

  • Key trends and tactics from over 400 business leaders
  • Data on the expansion of B2B eCommerce
  • Top business benefits and eCommerce investment plans
  • Most important features for B2B customers
  • Emerging eCommerce technologies like PIM and AI

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