Save time and optimize business processes with a Digital Asset Portal

Today’s B2B customers and business partners expect easy 24/7 access to high quality, up-to-date product information and branded material such as images and videos. If you, like many others, are still maintaining, and sharing your material manually, you already know that this is a great challenge and takes up a lot of valuable time and resources.

If you are ready to do things smarter and regain control of your time and resources, you might be interested in a Digital Asset Portal.

With a Digital Asset Portal (DAP) from DynamicWeb, you get a central repository and self-service portal for all your data, such as product information, images, videos, files and more. A DAP enables you to optimize business processes, stay on top of your brand, and provide the information your customers and partners want when they want it.

Download this webinar and get a thorough introduction to our Digital Asset Portal and learn how you too can benefit, including:

  • How to share product information, images and more with ease.
  • How to provide faster and better customer service.
  • How to stay in control with your brand.
  • How to implement a DAP without integration or custom coding.

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