How a PIM and eCommerce investment accelerated the plush business

Learn how Nature Planet approach B2B eCommerce and why they have been successful.

Omnichannel experiences and customer expectations have changed the ways brands, retailers and manufacturers engage with customers – and recent years have drastically impacted this.

Hear from Forrester senior analysts Joe Cicman and Amanda LeClair how Product Information Management and eCommerce complete and enrich each other. Learn how you can have product data drive product experience resulting in better commerce experiences with increased bottom-line results.  

Nature Planet is one of the world’s leading designers and distributors of quality products for Zoos, Aquariums, Museums and Family parks. With over 1.200 B2B customers to serve they were looking into new channels to offer better B2B Customer Experiences and increase internal efficiency so that Nature Planet can continue the accelerated growth. 

The investment into Product Information Management and eCommerce is a strategic approach to being a data-driven organization that has strong growth goals to reach. 

Learn from Nikolaj Bramsø, eCommerce Manager at Nature Planet, on their approach to B2B eCommerce and their success over the past >1 year. 

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