Future-proof your B2B eCommerce Strategy

Featuring Forrester & TricorBraun Flex

More than 30% of B2B technology buyers already make their initial purchases through a digital channel. Even as B2B buyers accelerate their shift to self-service, they want higher-quality interactions with sellers before and after the transaction. This puts pressure on sales & marketing teams to adapt and for their often complex commerce technology stacks to keep up.

In this webinar, guest speaker Joe Cicman, senior analyst with Forrester Research will share insights on changing buyer preferences, and the state of eCommerce for companies that sell to businesses. 

Learn from TricorBraun Flex on their approach to B2B eCommerce and how embracing a digital strategy has grown their sales revenue, improved their bottom line and boosted customer satisfaction through modern commerce experiences. Mike Mead, Digital Marketing and eCommerce Professional, will shed light on the challenges they faced prior to implementing an eCommerce Suite, how they approached the project and the benefits they’ve achieved so far.

Jørgen Bach, CEO at DynamicWeb North America will briefly dive into the complexity of B2B eCommerce. The (costly) monster known as the Frankenstack and the benefits of having a Best of Suites approach.

Key takeaways:

  • How your digital customers differ from your traditional customers
  • How to analyze your product portfolio and sell the right thing the right way
  • The current landscape of B2B eCommerce technologies and how to identify what will work best for you
  • Beware of the Frankenstack and the benefit of having a best of suite approach when building your B2B eCommerce strategy
  • Key steps when considering implementing a (new) B2B eCommerce strategy by one of your peers, Mike Mead, Digital Marketing and eCommerce Professional at TricorBraun Flex

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