Meet Christian Ginnerup

Implementing larger IT projects doesn’t have to be a stressful affair

The Solution Architect found the right pace and a second home for his dog, the Golden Retriever Senna, at DynamicWeb’s Professional Service team.

It is the Solution Architect’s responsibility to make the implementation of a new eCommerce, CMS or PIM solution as short as possible.

Christian Ginnerup - Solution Architect
Introducing a Solution Architect

eCommerce Architecture on multiple projects

Being a Solution Architect at DynamicWeb means working in the Service and Delivery team. This is where the CMS, PIM or eCommerce systems are being set up, integrated, and designed to the customer’s need.

The workload typically consists of multiple projects running at the same time and a job where customers, sales and developers depend on the Solution Architects’ input. It is a job where a lot of people are depending on your expertise and delivery, which might seem like a stressful job for some. 

Implementing IT

Drawing on experience

Christian has worked in the industry for enough time to know how a project is scoped and handled. His calm energy and friendly smile, witness years of practice when it comes to handling next-level challenges or a customer´s new ideas. 

"It is the Solution Architect´s responsibility to make the implementation of a new eCommerce, CMS, or PIM solution as short as possible". Christian explains his point of view.

"We are not trying to reinvent the wheel for each individual customer, but we use our knowledge and experience from former implementations to solve the customer´s needs with as few adjustments as possible. Only to provide the simplest implementation for the customer", Christian explains. "This also means that as a Solution Architect, you need to be able to see the end-to-end solution and guide the customer ad web developers when having to do something out of the box", he says.

Everyone has embraced Senna’s presence and of course she attracts more attention than me. I think she rather enjoys being spoiled with attention by everyone at the office.

Christian Ginnerup - Solution Architect
Work and life combined

Finding the right balance

Christian sometimes walks to work from his home down in Marselis Harbour, where him and his wife, their Golden Retriever, Senna, and occasionally teenagers, live on a houseboat. “On a clear day, Senna and I, enjoy the fresh air and like to walk to the office together before sitting down for a day’s work at the headquarters in Viby.”

Perhaps it is Senna’s sleepy eyes looking up from the floor beside Christian’s chair. Or just the fact that it seems like just-like-any-other-day at the office for the two of them, that makes this setting seem the least stressful work environment you could imagine. 

“Everyone has embraced Senna’s presence and of course, she attracts more attention than me. I think she rather enjoys being spoiled with attention by everyone at the office.”, Christian looks at her and smiles. 

“I have been working both independently and for corporations and found that what matters is finding the right balance in work and life, I have no trouble combining the two as long as it leaves equal room for flexibility”, he says. 

It seems as if nothing would be able to challenge Christian, but to that question, he calmly says:

“The biggest challenge in my daily work is balancing the customers’ specific requests with what can be done with our software. So, for example, if the customer wants the site in all red, I might recommend them to go another direction, not because I haven’t heard what they were asking, but because they might end up with a web solution that is more complicated to navigate in and on top more expensive than it needs to be. In my opinion, they should easily navigate and manage their own site after we hand it over”, he explains. 

Consulting and guiding

The typical customer

The typical customer is a manufacturer or wholesaler with a growing business and a need for a new digital solution to manage their business. When a Solution Architect meets the customer, they might encounter someone from the commercial side of the business and rely on the Solution Architect to navigate the technical side. 

Christian elaborates: “I sometimes experience that the customer has sparse knowledge of the digital side and needs to be briefed on what it means when taking their sales online”.

“The classical customer might therefore be a sales, marketing, or supply chain specialist, who for many years has been selling products over the phone or in other ways, and now needs to move into digital selling. In these cases, I enjoy understanding the starting point of the conversation and helping the customer get to know and use the system after we have finished making it for them. Luckily, we have some skilled Digital Consultants, who do workshops and help with the handover”, Christian explains. 

“I came from a large consultancy company with a high focus on invoiceable hours and process optimization, and I enjoy being at DynamicWeb where there is an equally high focus on a strong and healthy work environment. I feel there is room for the individual, which is how I feel right at home here”, he finishes. 


eCommerce, CMS, PIM
and Marketing


Bjoernholms Allé 30, 8260 Viby J, Denmark




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